Hi! We’re Sophie, Ilhaam and Katie and we are three marketing business students currently living in Canada. With our various backgrounds and interests we decided to come together to create Freaks and Chics and gather our ideas onto one online space. We tackle a wide range of topics, something for everyone. Thanks for stopping by, for any business inquiries please contact us here.

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I’m Ilhaam! My motto for life is “appreciate the little things”- cliché I know. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Commerce as a marketing Major. I love to try new activities and involvements, but my passion for fashion and beauty has never faltered. I try to show my personality through my style and aim to be classic yet edgy.When I’m not at school or in a meeting I can usually be found reading anything written by J.K. Rowling, cooking or making travel plans. I have a secret candle obsession and love hot yoga. In the future I plan to work in a fast paced industry like publishing or leading marketing-communications for an organization I am passionate about. Check out my Instagram!



Writing bios are hard…so I’ll keep it simple. I’m Sophie! Creativity and the visual arts have always been a big part of my life and for that reason I found myself enrolling in a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in marketing straight out of high school. When I’m not schooling it up, I enjoy wearing neutrals (with the occasional striped shirt thrown in), testing different lipstick shades, pretending I’m a hipster in various coffee shops, and sketching up drawings of my favourite fashion icons. I hope you’ll enjoy my different perspective on fashion as well as my fashion illustrations! Feel like wasting some time…check out my Instagram!

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Hi! My name is Katie! I’m a small town girl at heart, living in the big city and trying to just figure it all out. I absolutely love any type of comedy, architecture, and being active. You can expect me to write about environmentally friendly business and fashion, female leaders (comedy and business) and anything else that strikes my fancy. While I’m not writing, you can assume I’ll be on my old cruiser bike putting off real responsibilities. My goal is to give you something unconventional, funny or thought-provoking every time. Follow me on Instagram!

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