Travelling With Your Significant Other

The 1st big trip with your significant other is quite the feat. We (my boyfriend and I) just got back from backpacking together for 3 weeks, exploring Scotland and Ireland. We had heard a lot of horror stories of couples going on trips and coming back to call it quits. Luckily for us, that didn’t happen! The trip really tested us as a couple, spending 24-7 together working through stressful situations but also brought us a lot closer as well!

I thought it would be good to get his opinion as well though, so Sophie got us to both answer some questions about traveling together.

        What was the best part of travelling together? The worst part?

Clint: Best part: it’s a good way to find out what it would be like to actually live with that person. Worst part: you share a toilet. That’s awkward for both of you. 

Katie: Best part is just spending a ton of time together. Lets you be together without distractions or other people. Worst part: you are spending 100% of your time together. So you know exactly how they spend all of their minutes of the day. Ie. Bathroom time. 

What’s one weird habit/quirk you noticed of your significant other, while travelling abroad?

Clint: Stealing every available bed sheet and complaining about being cold.                                          

Katie: Clinton actually developed this quirk while traveling, he whistles to get my attention, which although works well in busy areas, has now been associated with calling the dog.

What did you disagree on the most, if anything?

Clint: Who had to shower first.      

Katie: Who had to get out of bed first. 

How does travelling with a friend differ from travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend?  

Clint: When traveling with a friend you can sleep in different beds with your own covers, the only person wearing your clothes is you, and the only stuff you ever have to carry is your own. You’re generally happier. But there’s less “closed-door activity”. So, you know, fair trade really.  

Katie: Unfortunately for him, something I could do with him that I wouldn’t do with friends was   being “unpleasant” because I was stressed/tired/hungry. Luckily, he always knows why and just solves my problem.  If it was a friend, this would probably cause a lot more tension and possible confusion. Traveling with friends also means going out at night a lot more, we were mostly asleep by like 11 because we found just the two of us going to the bar was weird. 

What was the most unexpected thing that came out of you two travelling together?      

Clint: We became more comfortable with each other. I’m pretty sure nothing she can do would gross me out now.                                                                                                                                            

Katie: Us acting like each other, both picking up each others quirks but also him having the plan and me being laid back. That does not happen in real life! 

Tips for other couples adventuring together?        

Clint: Abandon the fairytale mentality. There will be romantic times, you just need to cherish those cause they will be heavily out numbered by farts and cold-footed kicks in the night.                        

Katie: Don’t expect too much. It’s the same relationship as it is at home. Ireland or Paris isn’t going to change your dynamic. Just enjoy your time together. 

What do you think? What makes or breaks traveling with your significant other?

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